Whitening your teeth

Tooth whitening ("tooth bleaching") is one the easiest ways to rejuvenate a smile. Safe and effective tooth whitening options available at Bayley Dental include at home whitening using custom trays or in-office whitening using stronger agents.

For at-home whitening we fabricate custom appliances to fit over a patient's teeth. The whitening agents are held in contact with the teeth for between 30 minutes and overnight depending on the product. Intimate adaptation of the whitening materials can improve the access of the whitening product to the complex curves between the teeth. This is often an advantage over the whitening strips purchased from pharmacies and grocery stores. Great results are usually attained in about a week.

In-office whitening is a way to get maximum results in a shorter period of time. At Bayley Dental we use only chemically-activated products to avoid the use of the intense light associated with some other systems. The office visit usually takes about an hour and for best results is continued at home using a tray-based system as described above.

Be sure to contact us for further information about tooth whitening.

SPECIAL OFFER! - For a limited time at Bayley Dental we are providing a custom at-home whitening system to all new adult patients at NO COST ! In order for us to confirm that this is appropriate for each individual patient, to be eligible one must first have a completed comprehensive examination, necessary x-rays and cleaning, in addition to any needed dental work. Call or email for details!




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