Dentures ~ Partial & Complete

Bayley Dental is pleased to provide a variety of solutions for those who require dentures. Whether it is partial dentures or implant retained, complete dentures, Dr. Bayley has the best solutions for each patients' needs.

Partial dentures
Partial dentures are an option for the replacement of multiple teeth. A custom cast metal framework holds the pink plastic and teeth for a natural looking, removable treatment option.

Implant-retained complete dentures
A lot of people are suffering with dentures that do not stay in place when eating. This is especially true for lower complete dentures. Fortunately we can now place small implants into the bone and use these to securely hold a denture in place. The placement is easy; done in our office under regular local freezing, in a short period of time. Implant-retained dentures allow people to eat more of the challenging foods they love, and can smile and laugh with more confidence.

Overall health is often improved greatly due to the ability to eat more healthy foods, and from the improved self-esteem. We always provide free consultations and would be happy to discuss this in person. Please call 519.884.8594 or email info@bayleydental.com for more information.


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