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21 Apr 2016

Endless Whitening!

ZOOM!   Endless Whitening Program

We are proud to offer to our patients a new program. It’s called Zoom Endless Whitening Program. The program is designed to reward you with a gift that will keep you smiling.
With Zoom Endless Whitening Program, you pay only $100 to get started. That includes Zoom custom fitted trays and Zoom professional strength whitening gel.
Then, as a thank you to you for coming in for your regular scheduled appointments and treatments, you will receive a FREE tube of professional strength Zoom whitening gel at each cleaning appointment.
Not only will keeping current on your scheduled cleaning appointments help improve your long-term oral health, but your commitment to a healthy routine can result in big savings down the road. The Endless Whitening Program gives you results you can see and that extra incentive to keep coming back on time. And when that happens, you have both a healthy and a beautiful smile! 

Call us today to find out how we can help keep you smiling with the new  
Zoom Endless Whitening Program 519-884-8594


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