When teeth are lost for any reason people can suffer a number of negative outcomes. These include:

  • tipping of the other teeth into the space
  • loss of bone levels
  • poor chewing ability
  • visible spaces in the smile
  • changes to the face
  • embarassment

Fortunately there are a number of ways to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. Implants have become the standard of care in most cases.

  • Single teeth can usually be replaced with a implant-retained crown
  • Multiple teeth can be considered for a bridge held by implants

Large spaces and even complete lack of teeth can be replaced with implant held partial or full dentures. We can also rehabilitate a patient who is missing all of their teeth with standard bridge work so that they are "permanently" held in place.

Immediate placement implants
You may have seen advertising from some offices saying they place their crowns immediately on an implant when it's placed. Fortunately this is possible in some cases, however the ultimate success depends on good integration of the implant in the bone. This will depend on many factors, particularly the quality and quantity of bone at the site. At Bayley Dental we will determine what is best for you!

Cheap implants?!
You may have seen advertisements for very low cost implant therapy, or maybe you've considered going overseas for treatment. Be cautious. At our office we only use well established implant systems proven to give long term results. Our treatments are guaranteed to work or we'll replace them. Plus the parts are readily available worldwide if you need repairs sometime or someplace down the road.

Good news!
At Bayley Dental we can take care of most implant needs in our office without the possibly increased time and costs associated with a referral to another provider. This can include the use of our volumentric tomography unit for precise 3-dimensional examination of the implant site, bone grafting to improve the quantity of bone, surgical placement of the implant "root", and the final crown or bridge placement. Of course, in some cases patients need to be seen by a specialist and we readily make those referrals when its in everyone's best interest.

The example below is the work of Dr. Bayley.


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