Gum & bone health

When considering the smile, many people just think about their teeth. However, the teeth would be literally lost without their support structures. Good solid and healthy bone and gums are vital to a healthy mouth (and body!) and a beautiful smile.

Red bleeding gums will eventually lead to bone and gum loss, and even loss of teeth if it progresses. Numerous studies have linked chronic periodontal infections with systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and problems during pregnancy. At Bayley Dental we strive to achieve strong healthy gums for all our patients for a lifetime of full body health.



Routine Hygiene care

At Bayley Dental, each patient has a full periodontal examination with results tracked on our advanced computer network. Any problem areas are addressed to create a healthy mouth. Our patients are then encouraged to accept a uniquely timed routine recare frequency. Follow-up evaluations assure us that the healthy tissues are being maintained. At Bayley Dental your mouth and whole body health are our primary concern and responsibility.



Surgical and Non-surgical treatments

In most cases, localized areas of concern with someon'es gums can be addressed with proper home care and regular visits to our office for removal of dental calculus. In some cases an area can be treated with materials that are placed in a deep gum pocket to create a more healthy shallow one. In other cases we can perform some more advanced treatments such as building up the bone to cover roots, Alloderm gum grafting as discussed below, deep pocket-reduction surgery, and of course, referral to the periodontal specialists when necessary.

Alloderm gum grafting

Many people notice that their gums have receeded. This can be due to a heavy toothbrushing habit, effects of clenching or grinding of the teeth, or from prior peridontal inflammation. The unfortunate effect is exposed root surfaces which can be sensitive to cold or sweet. These areas can become cupped out or soft since they are even more sensitive to acids in our diet and from further toothbrush trauma. In the front, these can also be a cosmetic concern. If left, the recession can extend to the edge of the tough gums and create an uncomfortable and dangerous defect.

At Bayley Dental we can correct many of these defects without the typical harvesting of graft material from the roof of your mouth. Alloderm is a commercially available graft material which can acheive wonderful results. If you suffer from gum recession talk to us about your options. Consultations are always free.

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