Crowns & Bridges

When teeth are more heavily restored or require more dramatic improvement, full coverage crowns can be placed over your existing teeth. When gaps are present in your mouth, either at the front or back, bridges and implants are often the best option. Since these options also reinforce heavily broken down teeth, and fill gaps, they are not simply a cosmetic treatment.



Teeth which are heavily broken down may not be appropriate for standard fillings. These usually require full crown coverage. In this case we would replace any old fillings and decay with a new filling material, then make some space for a crown or cap to slip down to the gumline and protect the tooth. At Bayley Dental these are usually made of a zirconium core covered with esthetic porcelain.

When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will often tip into the space causing potentially serious bite problems, as well as to increase the forces on the remaining teeth. The best option is to replace missing teeth before this can happen. While the standard of care is usually an implant, another option is a fixed bridge.

A bridge is like having crowns placed on the teeth on each side of a space, and a solid "prosthetic" tooth fused between them. These can be a highly esthetic option and are often the treatment of choice on front teeth.

The example above is the work of Dr. Bayley.

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